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PHYS203 - Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials

Course Description

The course material includes the following topics:  Crystal structure of solids; introduction to Quantum Mechanics; Energy bands  in solids, insulators, semiconductors and conductors; electrons and holes in intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors in Equilibrium; Carrier Transport Phenomena,  drift and diffusion, mobility, conductivity; Non Equilibrium Excess Carriers in Semiconductors, Carrier Generation and recombination,  carrier lifetime;  PN junction at equilibrium; PN junction diode, I(V) characteristics, breakdown; Bipolar transistor, Junction  Field Effect Transistor (JFET) ;  Optoelectronics, optical devices, Solar-cells, photodetectors, Light Emitting diodes, Laser Diodes.

Semester Instructor(s)
PHYS203 - Fall 2006/2007
  • Dr. M. Faiz
  • N. Tabet
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