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ME315 - Heat Transfer

Course Description

An introduction to heat transfer by conduction, radiation and convection.  Steady-state analysis of heat transfer through composite plane, cylindrical and spherical walls with convection and radiation boundary conditions, internal energy generation and extended surfaces (fins). Significance of multi-dimensional effects. Unsteady heat transfer in plates, cylinders and spheres. Numerical solution of heat conduction problems. Practical analysis of convection with application to heat exchangers. Blackbody and graybody radiation systems.

Semester Instructor(s)
ME315 - Fall 2007/2008
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdelkarim Antar
  • Dr. Taofeek Ayinde
  • ME315 - Fall 2006/2007
  • Dr. Rashed Ben-Mansour
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdelkarim Antar
  • ME315 - Spring 2006/2007
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdelkarim Antar
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