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EE205 - Electric Circuits II

Course Description

Analysis of three-phase networks. Time-domain solutions of second-order circuits. State equations for linear circuits. Computer-aided circuit analysis. Frequency-domain analysis and bode plots. Network analysis in the S-domain. Mutual inductance and transformers. Two-port networks.

Semester Instructor(s)
EE205 - Fall 2004/2005
  • Dr. A. H. Abdur-Rahim
  • Dr. Abdelmalek Zidouri
  • Dr. Chokri Belhadj Ahmed
  • Dr. M. Mosaddequr Rahman
  • EE205 - Fall 2006/2007
  • Dr. Abdelmalek Zidouri
  • Dr. Ali Hussein Muqaibel
  • EE205 - Spring 2006/2007

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