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EE201 - Electric Circuits I

Course Description

This course is the basic introductory course in electric circuits, given to all students majoring in electrical engineering. The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of the fundamentals and analysis of electric circuits. The course encompasses the fundamental concepts of electric circuits, such as Ohm's and Kirchoff's laws. It develops into the circuit analysis techniques such as nodal and mesh analyses and the equivalent circuits. Energy storage elements and first order transient circuits are included in the course. The course also covers the analysis of sinusoidal circuits, including the power calculation. This is a core course in electrical engineering curriculum, with 4 credit hours (3 Lecture & 1 Lab) Learners are sophomore level students whose major is electrical engineering. Other engineering students, such as Mechanical, take this course.

Semester Instructor(s)
EE201 - Spring 2007/2008
  • Dr. Husain A. Al-Jamid
  • EE201 - Fall 2006/2007

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