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GEOL307 - Sedimentation and Stratigraphy

Course Description

Sediments and their properties, processes of sedimentation; depositional environments; facies and facies analyses; provenance; principles and fundamentals of stratigraphic units, Walther’s law; correlation; overview of seismic and sequence stratigraphy. Laboratory exercises on types, texture and composition of common sedimentary rocks; core description; lithofacies map; facies analyses; correlation. Computer software will be used in stratigraphic column construction and data interpretation. One field trip to nearby area is required.

Semester Instructor(s)
GEOL307 - Fall 2007/2008
  • Dr. Khalid Al-Ramadan
  • GEOL307 - Fall 2007/2008
  • Dr. Khalid Al-Ramadan
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