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CE303 - Structural Materials

Course Description

Composition and properties of hydraulic cements; characteristics of local aggregates and water; properties of fresh concrete; production, handling and placement of cement and fresh concrete in the local environment; properties of hardened concrete; mix design; special concretes; introduction to pavement types; asphalt cement types, properties and usage; properties of aggregate for asphalt concrete mixes; asphalt concrete mix design concept; types, engineering properties, and usage of structural steel; introduction to aluminum, timber, glass, plastics and other structural materials. Laboratory sessions on tests of concrete constituents, fresh and hardened concrete, aggregate gradation and mix design, flexure behavior of reinforced concrete beams, physical properties and testing of asphalt binders, asphalt concrete mix design; hardness test, tensile and torsion tests on metals, measurement of Poisson’s ratio and stress concentration, and bending tests on steel beams.

Semester Instructor(s)
CE303 - Fall 2003/2004
  • Dr. Shamshad Ahmad
  • Engr. Omer Hussein
  • Engr. M. Mukarram Khan
  • CE303 - Fall 2006/2007

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