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CHE425 - Engineering Economics and Design Principles

Course Description

Process economic analysis of chemical plants with particular emphasis on cost estimation, interest calculations, depreciation, profitability, methods for decision-making among alternatives and capital budgeting. Process flow diagram analysis, design of flow systems, design and integration of process equipment such as chemical reactors, separators, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, absorbers, etc., into a chemical process. Development of the general principles of process design including materials selection, transfer and handling, plant location, plant layout, waste disposal, safety considerations, etc. Application of software packages such as Aspen Plus and Chemshare.

Semester Instructor(s)
CHE425 - Fall 2002/2003
  • Dr. Adnan J. Al-Amer
  • CHE425 - Fall 2006/2007
  • Dr. Mohamed B. Amin
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