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Open Courseware at KFUPM:
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Welcome to KFUPM Open Courseware

The World Wide Web has become a common means to openly share instructional content on a worldwide level. The purpose of KFUPM open courseware is to showcase course material used in the courses of the university to demonstrate KFUPM educational culture and to be part of the global interactions in the open sharing of educational material.

The courses on this site are categorized in terms of the academic disciplines in which university offers its academic programs. The site currently includes sample courses and more courses will be added to the site with time. We hope that you will find the available resources useful whether you are a student or an educator.

Getting Started with OCW

  • No registration, user ID, or password needed; just use it!
  • You cannot get a degree or certificate.
  • You cannot get access to KFUPM faculty.
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